The Bitcoin News Show #69 – CB & Lightning, Mining in Quebec, Bitcoin Privacy

The Bitcoin News Show 2 Hour Special for the week of Feb 12th with your host @theonevortex and panelists @LightningRamp @nopara73 @francispouliot_ @TuurDemeester @DecentralizedTV and special guest Trace Mayer (@TraceMayer)!

Quick Bits:
Microsoft research says on-chain scaling reduces/degrades decentralization and fails to meet capacity needs. Further Microsoft stated that layer 2 solutions are necessary for blockchains to scale.

Ellen introduces millions to bitcoin

Switzerland’s finance regulator has published new guidelines that indicate it will treat some tokens sold during initial coin offerings as securities.

CoinTippy made a tip-bot for Twitter, Reddit and Telegram that accepts mainnet LN deposits

Coinbase suffered double spend issues draining some users accounts. Visa then owned up to the issue but coinbase was the only company effected.

Bitcoin fees have been lower than BCash fees

Trace tweeted out that the Federal Reserve have ‘Discontinued’ publishing the interbank loans charts.

Calendar launched – Come out and meet me!

New app to allow lightning use with Coinbase

Is bitcoin becoming more private/fungible? We discuss some upcoming tech.

Mining to explode in Quebec and Iceland

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