Today in Bitcoin (2018-01-16) – Bitcoin Price Down – China Bans Exchanges Again – South Korea OK

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‎12208.56 USD / BTC – Average United States Dollar Bitcoin Price

12355.74 Bitstamp BTC/USD – BitcoinWisdom

People’s Bank of China virtual currency trade report

Cryptocurrency Exchanges Officially Dead In China

No Cryptocurrency Trading Ban, South Korea Government Confirms

St. Louis Fed: In Some Ways, Bitcoin Is More Robust Than Many Fiat Currencies

Ledger on Twitter: “We are proud to announce we have reached the milestone of ONE MILLION Nano S sold worldwide! ”

Armin van Bitcoin on Twitter: “Feeling frustrated? … Good! Worst is yet to come. Once you have lost all hope and drained all your energy reaching maximum frustration …… ”

Pierre Rochard on Twitter: ” Should I buy the dip? Depends. 1. Follow this infographic 2. Don’t over-allocate to Bitcoin (you’ll panic sell at the worst time) 3. Work… ”

Jack on Twitter: “I like here for a bounce on #bitcoin. Should get to at least $17k imo and then it’ll decide whether to make a new ATH and continue the bull… ”

Tuur Demeester on Twitter: “cryptocurrency markets today ”

CNN Breaking News on Twitter: “Seven trading days. That’s how long it took the Dow to go from 25,000 to 26,000 — easily a record for the fastest 1,000-point jump.… ”

Francis Pouliot on Twitter: “Hodl might be the most significant and impactful meme of all time. So much information, so many ideas, so much shared experience and meanin… ”

Max Keiser on Twitter: “871 days till next halving. #Bitcoin well over $100,000. Satoshi’s design factored in all FUD. ”

PayPal’s Wences Casares: ‘I Can Imagine A World In Which Bitcoin Becomes A Global Standard Of Value’

There is no such thing as “the” blockchain.

WIRED on Twitter: “Now hiring for a fascinating new kind of job that only a human can do: robot babysitter ”

Mad Bitcoins on Twitter: “@BrianLockhart “Those who live by electronics, die by electronics.” ”

Price Down, Pick Up! – YouTube

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