Today in Bitcoin (2018-04-09) – Bitcoin Below $7,000 – @Bitcoin Drama Day 2 – Bitcoin on Campus

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Mayer Multiple on Twitter: “The current Mayer Multiple is 0.71 with a $BTC price of $USD 6,740.68 and a 200 day moving average of $9,514.82 USD. The @TIPMayerMultple has historically been higher 91.34% of the time with an average of 1.57. Learn more about how to use this tool at: ”

Bitcoin tanks below $7,000, down 6% in two hours

Bitcoin Teases Bull Reversal with Rise Above $7K – CoinDesk

What’s up with @bitcoin? | FT Alphaville

Twitter Cancels @Bitcoin Account as its CEO Invests in Competing Lightning Network | Finance Magnates

Full coverage – Google News

Doug Polk on Twitter: “This is like saying if Pepsi owned Coca Cola’s twitter, and was constantly tweeting about how bad Coke is; deleting the account would be anti free speech Entities deserve to be able to represent themselves, not have other people pretend to represent them ”

Tweets with replies by K (@Bitcoin) | Twitter

A Sidelined Wall Street Legend Bets on Bitcoin | The New Yorker

Dear Students, Everything In Bitcoin’s Way Is Your $1 Billion Opportunity – CoinDesk

Former Mt Gox Exchange CEO No Longer Believes in Bitcoin | Fortune

Top Business Schools Add Bitcoin Classes, Expand Cryptocurrency MBA Course Offerings raises $5 million | TechCrunch

ty13r on Twitter: “Pleb investor friends be like: – Wanted to buy bitcoin at $20k, but didn’t. – Bitcoin is at $7k and now they won’t touch it. – Bitcoin will go to $100k+ and I’ll have to listen to their sob stories forever. #FML”

Bill Burdin on Twitter: “Why didn’t I cash out at $20k and accept 10x in 8 months. Comrades, that’s because I didn’t buy into bitcoin to make 10x in 8 months, I bought into bitcoin because it’s a gift to the world that will make the world a better place for me and those who come after me.”

Peter Todd on Twitter: “This. Confession: recently bought a new backup drive and as usual, encrypted it, saved data to it, and put it in storage. Awhile later I found out that the password didn’t work. LUKS asks you to type the password twice – my best guess is I made the same typo both times!… ”

peanut section on Twitter: “Ohhhh! So the panorama feature on your pocket phone is to create cute little autos when you scan a freeway with it. Doi!… ”

Farbod Saraf on Twitter: “All Dutch trains now run entirely on renewable energy ”

Tuur Demeester on Twitter: “Etymology of “bull market” vs “bear market”. … ”

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